In 1984 I left my campaign for mineralogical and Geological Science studies at the University of Liège. I learn the history of the rocks, how they formed, how they transform, where the colors, minerals, crystals come from, I learn to observe them, to read their stories. At the same time I perform various work where I discover the professional environment of metallurgy in Cockerill, that of the Formula One of Francorchamps behind a bow tie and a server tray first, then that of the Standard of Liège and its lodges in the same Held and with the same functions, then, and finally that of the nightlife and artistic liège.

In 1999, tired of the alternation of odd jobs in the sales and social sectors, I'm starting a capper training., very quickly I specialize in lime and clay plasters, the "coating" construction sites for walls and Ceilings ready to be painted "provide me with little Satisfaction. These are the lime coatings that I prefer: I like to prepare it, mix it with different sands, yellow, river, vary the particle size, choose the marble powders, the pigments, the dosage, apply the coating, prepare the support, gloss, wax, try, Start over, Improve. And especially continue to form at the Institute of the Heritage of Peace-god in Amay, to Read.

I would like to thank the gentlemen of Pierpont, pierret, Barrero, Jamsin, Rondeau, the IPW of Peace-Dieu and the editions Eyrolles for all their involvement in the transmission of a memory

In 2007 I launched myself as an independent and it is the Catastrophe: 4 flights in 6 months including one with aggression! My work vehicle is burning because of an abandoned stolen car, on fire whose brakes are dropping and which comes stamping mine, then the theft of the patched vehicle, and It's bankruptcy…

In 2012, after working on the restoration of the mouldings of; the Royal Opera of Liège, I run "artisan-of-the-wall". Under the with the status of independent craftsman, I realize various marble plasters for bathroom and come in various buildings Classified: Cathedral St Paul de Liège, Church St Hubertius de Lontzen, the stairwell of the Hotel de Clerck Rue St Paul in Liège I cont
inue to train, discover the sgraffito, the mouldings in lime or plaster, and the scagliola! (thank You gentlemen Barrro, Jamsin, Rondeau, Thank you Mrs Rimbaud, thank you the IPW of the peace-god of Amay, thanks to the editions Eyrolles for the transmission of a know-how).

In 2018, after a few years of research, I created the tools, adapted the knowledge-making, equipped the workshop and am ready for the launch of Scagliola. art!


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